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New 4Pass Offers 2007 Pricing

New Terrain - Gold Hill Chutes 2-5 to Open This Year

TELLURIDE, Colo. (July 14, 2009) –The Telluride Ski Resort announced 2009-2010 season pass pricing today, keeping rates the same as last season. However, if four adults purchase season passes together during the annual Pass Sale, the price drops to 2007 rates. An individual adult season pass will cost $1,198 when purchased before October 30, but the 4Pass will cost just $998/person.

Telluride is also thrilled to announce the opening of Gold Hill Chutes 2-5. This long coveted terrain comes on the heels of Gold Hill Chutes 6-10 opening in 2007-08, and Chute 1 opening in 2008-09. Chutes 2-5 offer wide-open, above treeline couloirs and chutes dropping 1,600 vertical feet. The resort added two WWII area howitzers last season to facilitate control of this terrain, which will open as conditions allow.

The $1,198 adult pass offers a savings of 35% off the regular season pass price of $1,850, while the 4Pass offers a savings of nearly 50%. Junior passes are $175 (ages 13-18) and the kids' rate is $125 (6-12 yrs) during the sale, a savings of 70%. Senior passes are offered at $499 (ages 65 +). With proof of 12 credit hours at an accredited college, College Passes can be purchased at a $299 Pass Sale price, $725 regular price. Children 5 & under pay only a $25 processing fee for a season pass for the convenience of bypassing the ticket line each day. All season passes offer unrestricted skiing and riding. As an added benefit, purchasers of College, Adult and Senior passes will also receive a free subscription to Ski Magazine.

The Telluride Pass Sale will run August 3 - October 30, with passes available online at or by calling 970-728-7517.

Pass Sale Regular Season
Pass August 3 - Oct. 30 Oct. 31 - Season
Adult $1,198 $1,850
Adult 4Pass (ea.) $998 x
Child (6-12 yrs) $125 $425
Junior (ages 13-18 yrs) $175 $575
College Pass $299 $725
Senior (ages 65+) $499 $825

Telluride’s guests will also benefit with 6-Day and 10-Day Passes, the Telluride Card and Limitless Lesson Pass available during the Summer Sale. The 6-Day Pass will cost just $345 and the 10-Day Pass just $495. These products will be available online through October 30, after which they will be available at regional sales events through the beginning of the season.

“Our goal is to create attractive pass options for our core customers,” said Telluride Ski Resort’s CEO Dave Riley. “With new terrain opening this year, and Revelation Bowl and Palmyra Peak opening the last two seasons, this is a wonderful opportunity to experience what Telluride has to offer.”

For all pass information and to purchase, please go to or call 970-728-7517 Monday through Friday.

Spring Cleanup May 14th–22nd 2005

Refuse Dumpsite Open Thursday the 19th-Sunday 22nd  

 Hazardous Waste Disposal Day May 21st

The Mahoney Drive impound and parking lot will be open for non-commercial refuse & recycling Thursday, May 19th through Sunday, May 22nd between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The special household hazardous material disposal event will be held on Saturday the 21st between 10am and 2pm, also at the Mahoney Drive parking lot. $5.00 minimum drop fee required.

Accepted Refuse:

·        Appliances, tires, household electronics and car batteries and standard recycling are allowed Thursday through Sunday

·        Other Hazardous waste is only allowed on Sat. 10am-2pm.

·        No construction or other commercial refuse please!

The Town of Telluride neighborhood trash pick up day is on Friday, May 20th between 1 and 4 p.m. Call Rebekah Hall to sign up if you can’t make it over to the impound lot, 728-3071.

  • Please place items for pick up on the alley if possible.

  • Please don’t set out hazardous wastes or other restricted refuse such as appliances with freon.

This event is sponsored by the Town of Telluride - San Miguel County Recycling Task Force, and the Greenbucks Program                

Spring Cleanup            Volunteer with           HAZ MAT DAY

Town of Telluride          Greenbucks             San Miguel County

    728-3071               708- 9530                369-5442


TELLURIDE, Colo. (March 22, 2005) -Telluride's spirit of giving and generosity knows no boundaries. Initiated soon after a Tsunami struck the Indian Ocean on Dec. 26 killing over 180,000 and displacing over 4 million people, the Telluride Foundation was asked by members of its Board of Directors to create a community fund to raise money to assist with tsunami relief and rebuilding efforts. In two months, the Telluride community raised $183,000 for the victims of the tsunami.


"One thing that really struck me during the tsunami relief effort was that everyone was so willing to help. The fact that we banded together as a community for such an urgent cause created a sense of solidarity," said Honga Im Hopgood, who helped organize Tsunami Donation Day. "Although we can not erase the devastation and sense of loss that millions will feel for a long time from losing their homes, loved ones and sense of community, we have reached out and assisted some of the victims in rebuilding their lives."


Once the funds were secured, the Telluride Foundation initiated an extensive research phase, which included input from the community, to identify specific, significant and measurable projects to fund. The Telluride Foundation will distribute money from the Tsunami Relief Fund to four projects run by respected, credible organizations that can deliver tangible results and aid in the long-term relief and restoration of communities devastated by the tsunami.


Room to Read, a U.S.-based, 501c3 organization, will receive $50,000 to rebuild schools in Sri Lanka, an area that was especially decimated by the Tsunami. This hands-on organization is currently rebuilding two schools, expected to completed in March, in Karaitivu Village in the Ampara District on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka.  In addition, Room to Read plans to rebuild 15 to 18 additional schools throughout the Tsunami-affected area. They have raised $500,000 of their $1 million goal to fund the Sri Lanka School Reconstruction Project.  For more information on Room to Read, visit


The Tsunami Relief Campaign will also contribute $50,000 to Project Concern, a U.S.-based 501c3 organization, dedicated to saving the lives of children and families around the world by preventing disease and providing access to clean water and nutritious food. The organization will use the contribution from the Telluride Tsunami Relief Fund to rebuild the lives of families in West Aceh, Indonesia by funding water and sanitation projects, food distribution, reconstruction of health clinics and schools and providing construction supplies and materials.  Funds will also be used to develop mother and child-care centers where women can share their experiences, provide support for each other, and learn valuable information about nutrition, education, and childcare. For more information on Project Concern, visit


Global Giving, another U.S.-based 501c3 organization, is the third and forth recipient of funds from the Tsunami Relief Campaign. The first project will receive $25,000 to fund an Ashoka fellow Jesuit Priest who is assisting over 2000 Batticaloa refugees in Sri Lanka displaced by the tsunami.  The project meets their immediate need for shelter while working to prevent the spread of disease and will also assist with the resettlement of the refugees and help them rebuild their communities. The second project will receive $15,000 and focuses on rebuilding and creating jobs in Perlya, Sri Lanka. The project includes purchasing a concrete, brick-making machine which will provide employment for 10 people; replacing a saw mill that was destroyed, creating 6 jobs; replacing a coconut oil extraction plant which will employ 2 people; planting 4000 palm trees for a coastal re- vegetation project; and rebuilding a local village catamaran fishing boat that provides four families with employment. For more information, visit


The remaining $43,000 in the Tsunami Relief Fund will be utilized as additional funding for one of the four projects as soon as it becomes clear which project can use extra money to create maximum impact. The Foundation conducted extensive research and background checks (with the assistance of personal contacts and national databases) on the organizations funded and will receive periodic progress reports from Room to Read, Project Concern, and Global Giving. The progress reports will be conveyed to the Telluride community through local newspapers and KOTO.


In early 2005 the Telluride Foundation established a fund to support victims of the Indian Ocean disaster with an anonymous $50,000 matching grant. The campaign turned into a community-wide effort-generating contributions from every sector of the community including generous individuals, Telluride Middle/High School and Elementary School students, local merchants, restaurants and bars. All the money raised, including any interest incurred since the beginning of the campaign, will be paid out to these projects. In addition, the Telluride Foundation contributed its staff and accounting time to manage the effort.


 "As so often happens during the course of the year, the Telluride community has once again demonstrated its incredible generosity and concern for others in need. Our citizens exhibited their caring spirit," said Bunny Freidus, contributor to the Tsunami Relief Campaign and Telluride Foundation Board Member.  


Elementary, Intermediate and Middle/High School students and teachers raised $13,873 for the Tsunami Relief Fund through bake sales, "Buckets of Love" and selling symbolic paper water bottles. The Fly Me to the Moon Saloon contributed $500 from individuals who attended shows and the Sheridan Arts Foundation donated over $1000 from their January 21 Bongo Love concert. Donation Day on Friday, January 28, organized by the Telluride Restaurant and Retail Association, generated nearly $28,000 for victims of the tsunami disaster. Participating businesses pledged 25 percent or more of gross sales from that day to the Telluride Tsumani Relief Fund.


 "It is truly remarkable how generous this community is", commented Mary Rubadeau, Superintendent of Telluride School District and Board Member of the Telluride Foundation, "I think it reflects the character of the people of our community and the values we cherish and teach to our children."


For more information on the Tsunami Relief Campaign, please contact the Telluride Foundation at 728-8717.   



20th Annual St. Patrick's Day Baseball Game

Thursday, March 17th, 5 PM

Bottom of lift 7-Coonskin

Baseball Game on skis or snowboards

It is a long-standing Telluride tradition

Ski School vs. Ski Patrol

St. Patrick's Day party at the Elks after the game-all invited.

On St. Paddy's day, members of the Telluride Ski Patrol and Telluride Ski and Snowboard School equipped with skis or snowboards, battle it out on the baseball diamond in honor of St. Patrick. This is the 20th meeting of this traditional rivalry. The first games where played way back in the 1970's and 80's and the yearly tradition was renewed in 1992 by veteran ski instructors Larry Hopkins and Paul Sherry. The first pitch will be at 5 PM and ball will be played until it is too dark to play.

"This event is a rite of passage into spring time and a great way to celebrate St. Paddy's day outside in our beautiful valley. It is fun to watch expert skiers and boarders flail around the bases on skis and fall over themselves in the outfield." Says Hopkins.

Socko a supervisor of the ski patrol says, "Let's make this game fun and kick the ski schools butt again this year!"

Bobby Murphy, ski school director says, "We ran into a tough Patrol squad last season. Since the loss, we've done some soul searching and have refocused our game plan."

This year the Ski School demo team, the Ghost riders, will again sell hotdogs at the baseball game and sell tickets for a raffle of a neat cruiser bicycles as a fundraiser for there travel fund. Also beverages will be available for a donation.

For the record the Ski School has won 4 out of the last 7 years with Patrol winning last year holding Ski School to little action at the plate. During the nineties the patrol dominated.

Jeff Proteau, senior vice president of mountain operations at Telski, will M.C. this event along with Ken Stone, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Telski, adding lots of local color to the event. This is a great event for locals and visitors alike.





Public Welcome to Attend "Teddy's Way" Dedication Saturday, March 12 at 2p.m.

TELLURIDE, Colo. (March 9, 2005) --Teddy Ebersol spent many of his summers and vacations in Telluride, took his first steps in the resort community and learned to ski at the Telluride Ski Resort. Fourteen year-old Ebersol died tragically Nov. 28, 2004 in a private plane crash near Telluride.

His parents, actress Susan Saint James and Dick Ebersol, want to carry on the memory of their warm and loving son in Telluride as it occupied a special place in Teddy's heart. San Joaquin, a ski trail off Lift 10, will be renamed 'Teddy's Way' as it was his favorite run to ski home each day. The dedication ceremony will be held at 2 p.m. on Saturday, March 12 on San Joaquin, before the Sundance confluence off lift 10. A simple ceremony includes music, short opening remarks, family rembrances and a Native American blessing of the run.

To Attend Teddy Ebersol's Memorial:

* Please ski to the memorial by taking lift 10 to Double Cabins to San Joaquin. There will be signage and mountain personnel to assist with directions.

* Guests may ride the gondola to the intercept lot (Lot A). Mountain Village is providing two shuttles that will drive people from the gondola building in the intercept lot to the memorial. Shuttles will run from 1-4pm

* Guests driving to the memorial may park at the intercept lot (Lot A) and take the Mountain Village shuttles to the memorial. Shuttles will run from 1-4pm.

* Dial-a-ride is available for Mountain Village residents and guests at 728-8888.

Saint James and Ebersol discovered Telluride in the late 1970's and purchased a home here in 1976. They spend as much time in Telluride as their busy schedules allow. Saint James and Ebersol express their sincere thanks and gratitude for the overwhelming outpouring of friendship, love, support and caring from the Telluride community.



Robin Magee

Sept. 14, 1953 - March 7, 2005

Wilkinson Public Library director and longtime Telluride area resident Robin Magee died at her home in Norwood, Monday, March 7. She was 51.

The cause of death has not yet been determined. She is survived by her parents Bob and Marge Magee of Atlanta, Georgia; her brothers Jeff Magee of Atlanta, Georgia and Jim Magee and wife, Kristen, and nephews Alex, 2, Tom, 1, of Greenville, South Carolina; sister Sue Magee and children, Sarah Jarvis, 13, and Cayman Jarvis, 10, of Anchorage, Alaska; ex-husband Paul Machado of Ophir; and her beloved animal friends, her dogs, Tango and Samba, and cats Muse and Chloe.

A memorial for Magee is scheduled for Friday, March 11 at noon on the library patio. The community is invited to attend and friends and associates are encouraged to say a few words for Magee, who died at her home in Norwood last weekend. A reception at the Hotel Telluride will follow. The library will be closed all day Friday.

Donations can be made to the Wilkinson Public Library or Tara Mandala P.O. Box 3040, Pagosa Springs, Colo. 81147 or e-mail




Olympic styled Superpipe puts Telluride on the world class riding map

TELLURIDE, Colo. (January 20, 2005) - Skiers and riders hitting the slopes of Telluride this winter can ride the newly designed Telluride Air Garden Superpipe.  With 18 ft. walls and 400 ft. of usable area, the pipe was designed by the ski resort’s own mountain operations staff in conjunction with primary Olympic pipe designers, Planet Snow Designs. Located on the Butterfly run, the new Superpipe adds a new dimension to the top-of-the-line jibs, fun boxes and redesigned jumps of Telluride’s Air Garden Terrain Park. 

"Our snow sports and pipe enthusiasts can now experience one of the best parks available in the country right here in Telluride," said Jeff Proteau, vice president operations for the Telluride Ski Resort. "We are thrilled to work with such an experienced terrain park and mountain operations team creating a state-of-the-art park for skiers and riders of all abilities, from beginner to Olympic level status.” Telluride’s Superpipe opened Jan. 19, 2005.

Planet Snow designers Ryan Neptune and Pat Melandowski travel the world designing and building Olympic level Superpipes and were ecstatic to work with such an enthusiast mountain operations team. The snowmaking, grooming, vehicle maintenance, air garden park staff and park rangers all contributed a great deal to the project. Terrain park staff Steve Edgecombe, Aaron Appenal, and Greg Stob also contributed their pipe expertise to the project.  

“Building this Superpipe has truly been an educational experience,” said John Knowles, mountain manager for the resort. “All hands were on deck for this project and our mountain operations crew did a fine job in the completion of the Superpipe, a fantastic addition to our already amazing mountain.”

Open 7 days a week, the park will be groomed as needed. For more information, call 970-728-7404 or visit




TELLURIDE, Colo. (Jan. 18, 2005) - The Telluride Ski Resort's (Telski) Children's Programs now offers extended hours of our guest childcare facility enabling parents to enjoy the evening features of the resort. The program 'Kid's Night Out' runs nightly from 4:00 - 8:30pm for 5 - 12 years olds, $50 per child for the entire evening or $15 per hour for partial evenings. The program is chaperoned by some of the kid's favorite ski and snowboard instructors.

"Kid's Night Out is a great success for our destination travelers. Now parents can enjoy the resort in the evening while their kids have an action packed night of fun with us," said Kieffer Parrino manager of children's program for Telski. "This isn't daycare, it is a night of fun for kids to be kids!"

Kid's Night Out includes pizza and a movie every evening; other activities will vary nightly and may depend on weather. Sledding, street hockey, tubing on Thrill Hill, or X-box is other features. Fridays will feature a kid's torchlight on the Meadows ski run. Children must come dressed for activities and ready for fun.

For more information or to sign up for Kid's Night Out, stop by the Ski & Snowboard School in Mountain Village or call (970) 728-7545.





TELLURIDE, Colorado- January 18, 2005- At approx. 1200 noon an Avalanche in the Twin Butte area near Revelstoke, B.C. has claimed the life of Stephen Butts, 48, resident of Telluride, Colorado.  Selkirk Tangiers Helicopter Skiing Ltd had transported 10-12 skiers to the area.  One other skier was transported to a local hospital for non-life threatening injuries.  It is unknown at this time what the cause of the avalanche, but heavy snowfall is expected.  All other skiers in the party were accounted for and removed from the avalanche sight.  The RCMP investigation in concert with the Coroners office is continuing.



Your Holiday Gifts Bring Smiles

The holidays are a time to give and a time to appreciate our loved ones, our health and happiness. This holiday season we ask that you share your blessings with those who are less fortunate. ANGEL BASKETS, an organization that provides for hundreds of families in the Telluride region, is asking for donations of food, gifts, clothing, toys and money. Stop by Town Hall in the Blue Mesa Building and pick a wish off the tree and make someone’s dream come true. Please bring all wrapped donations to the Blue Mesa front desk by Monday, December 13. Contact Sue at 728-8000 for more information. Happy Holidays!

A Special Holiday Offer from La Piazza

La Piazza is offering a special three course meal for $17 per person, every Sunday through Thursday starting November 24 through December 19. And new this season, stop in for an Italian apres ski cocktail and tagliere from 3pm-5pm. Call 728-8283 for details.

Take a Horse Driven Sleigh Around Mountain Village

Mountain Village has expanded their guest service amenities to include sleigh rides on the golf course this holiday season. A 12 person, horse-driven sleigh will take guests on a scenic tour around the Telluride golf course. The new sleigh ride service will begin on December 16 and run through March (weather permitting). “We are excited to offer sleigh rides to our homeowners and guests,” said Tracee Hennigar, Special Events Coordinator for Mountain Village. “It’s the perfect family outing. You can snuggle up in a blanket, chat with family and friends and enjoy the incredible views.” Sleigh ride tickets can be purchased at the new Guest Service Center in Heritage Plaza, or on Adults are $45 and children are $25 (free for children under 3 years old). Sleigh rides are available Thursday through Sunday and depart on the hour at 3pm, 4pm, and 5pm. To book your reservation, contact the Guest Service Center at 970-729-1846 or go to

A New Mountain Village Market Opens

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, a new natural foods market opened in Mountain Village. The Mountain Village Market is a welcomed addition to the Village Center and features over 6,000 gourmet and organic items including meat, dairy, produce, baked goods and sundries. If you’re hungry for a quick meal, stop by and try out the wide selection of soups and sandwiches. The Mountain Village Market is open 7 days a week from 8am until 8pm and is located in the Conference Center Plaza near Wells Fargo Bank in the Palmyra building. Call 728-6500 for more information.

Continental Airlines Fare Sale

The Telluride/ Montrose Regional Air Organization and Continental Airlines are offering savings on Continental jet service from Los Angeles, California, to Montrose, Colorado

• The 50 seat regional jet runs December 16, 2004 thru April 2, 2005
• Base fares start at $218 round trip to or from Los Angeles
• To reserve your flight go to

Continental Airlines Fare Sale -- Fly to Los Angeles for $218 roundtrip. Reservations must be made 14 days in advance, and are subject to availability. Fares are sample off peak fares and will be slightly higher on peak travel days. Tax is not included. Two night stay is required and tickets are non-refundable.

Winter Events Calendar

Mountain Village is bursting with holiday cheer! This season we have a wonderful array of special events planned for you and your family. Come out and enjoy the festivities!

Jingle Jam
Friday, December 17, 4pm - 6pm

Join us in Heritage Plaza, just steps away from the Gondola in Mountain Village, for a community celebration! The event will feature the Holiday Tree Lighting with Santa Claus, gingerbread house displays, warm beverages, treats and toys for children, plus great deals and in-store events at Mountain Village restaurants and shops! Entertainment from the Rock n’ Roll Academy and children carolers will perform to make this an extra special event! Parking in Mountain Village is FREE after 3pm. New this year, receive a pair of 3D snowflake holographic glasses with a $15 purchase at your local retailer (while supplies last). Use your 3D glasses to view the holiday lights and fireworks.

Photos with Santa & Holiday Cookie Decorating Party
Saturday, December 18, 1pm - 4pm, Sunday, December 19, 1pm - 4pm, Wednesday, December 22, 1pm - 4pm

Santa will be checking his list to see who’s been naughty and nice this year at the Telluride Conference Center! Come enjoy the charm of an old-fashioned Christmas, and have a FREE photo taken with Santa and his jolly elves atop his favorite antique sleigh. Afterwards, guests can personalize their very own holiday cookie. Gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, frosting and a variety of festive sprinkles will be provided at no charge.

Pastel Artist, Deborah Bays
Tuesday, December 28

The Telluride Mountain Gallery (in the Franz Klammer building) will host an art opening and reception for Deborah Bays, an award winning pastel artist. Stop by to meet the artist and view her exhibition of still life and figurative paintings from 5pm-7pm.

Warren Miller's Film IMPACT
Wednesday, December 29, Doors open at 7pm

The Telluride Conference Center will host Warren Miller’s 5th annual feature film IMPACT for one adventure filled evening only! IMPACT showcases winter sports’ top athletes and local heroes on the big screen as they travel to fabled and exotic locations around the globe in search of the perfect ride, deepest powder and sickest lines. Along with adrenaline-filled action and magnificent scenery, IMPACT delivers a high-energy soundtrack on a state-of-the-art digital sound system. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at, at sponsor ticket locations (TBA), or at the door the evening of the event.

New Year's Eve Fireworks in the Village
Friday, December 31, approx. 7pm

Celebrate New Year's Eve in Mountain Village with a spectacular display of holiday fireworks! Best viewed from the Mountain Village Center, the fireworks will glow brightly over the snow and set the night sky ablaze with brilliant colors. The fireworks will commence when the Torchlight parade has finished. Don’t forget to bring your 3D holographic snowflake glasses, free with any $15 purchase at your local Mountain Village retailer from December 17-31 (while supplies last).

January 15-17

SnowFest is an enjoyable event for the whole family. It is a winter carnival event featuring giant snow sculptures, ice capades, a hula moon snowshoe, heat miser party and so much more...



Santa Visits, Treats and Toys for the Kids and Holiday Concert Series!

TELLURIDE, Colo. (Dec 10, 2004) - Decorated with colorful ornaments, white lights, fresh garland and red bows, Telluride sets the stage for a picture perfect holiday vacation. From skiing with Santa to a torchlight parade to festive parties, Telluride offers an action-packed line up of holiday events for the whole family.

The town of Mountain Village lights up with holiday cheer during the annual Jingle Jam Friday, December 17, from 4 - 6 p.m. The event features the Holiday Tree Lighting with Santa Claus, gingerbread house displays, warm beverages, treats and toys for children, plus great deals and in-store events at Mountain Village restaurants and shops! The Rock n' Roll Academy's children perform to make this an extra special event! Parking in Mountain Village is free after 3 p.m. New this year, receive a pair of 3D snowflake holographic glasses with a $15 purchase at local retailers (while supplies last). The glasses are perfect for viewing holiday lights and the New Year's Eve fireworks.

Santa visits the Telluride Conference Center (in the Mountain Village) from 1- 4 p.m.

Dec. 18, 19, and 22 for free holiday pictures and cookie decorating party. All the good little boys and girls can take photos with good ole' St. Nick and his elves atop an antique sleigh. Gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, frosting and a variety of festive sprinkles are in plentiful supply at no charge.

Music aficionados can enjoy the Sheridan Opera House's 2004 Holiday Concert Series, starting Monday, Dec. 27 with the return of Grammy Award winner Shawn Colvin. Tuesday, Dec. 28, brings Woodstock Legend Richie Havens to the Opera House. Bonerama lights up the stage on Wednesday, Dec. 29 with the sounds of New Orleans Big Brass Band.

Over the holidays, Santa flies his sleigh to the Telluride Ski Resort for his annual ski vacation. On Dec. 18 and 19, Santa carves up the slopes on Lifts 1, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 12 and 13 and hands out candy to everyone who has been nice. Before heading back to the North Pole, Santa will pose with all the little (and big) boys and girls for photos at Gorrono Ranch on December 23 from 12 - 3 p.m.

Christmas Eve festivities begin at 6 p.m. with the Torchlight Parade. Skiers illuminate Telluride's slopes as they carry torches down Coonskin and Telluride Trail. There are many great places in town to view this glowing parade including Pacific Street, Main Street and Columbia Ave.

Art aficionados can head over to the Telluride Mountain Gallery (located in the Franz Klammer building) for award winning pastel artist Deborah Bays' opening and reception. Stop by to meet the artist and view this beautiful still life and figurative painting exhibition from 5 - 7 p.m.

Warren Miller fans can check out his lasted film IMPACT at the Telluride Conference Center for one night only on December 29. IMPACT showcases top winter sports athletes as they travel to fabled and exotic locations around the globe in search of the perfect ride, deepest powder and sickest lines. Along with adrenaline-filled action and magnificent scenery, IMPACT delivers a high-energy soundtrack on a state-of-the-art digital sound system. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at <> or at the door the evening of the event.

With a wide variety of events on New Years, guests might have difficult time deciding how to celebrate the start of 2005. The action begins at 6 p.m. with a torchlight parade on both sides of the mountain. A spectacular display of holiday fireworks follows the torchlight and is visible both in town and in Mountain Village.

The Sheridan Opera House hosts a New Year's Eve Gala at 9 p.m. This Sheridan Arts Foundation fundraiser includes a performance by Royal Crown Review, dancing, champagne, and food. Tickets are $100 per person general admission and $500 per person for VIP reserved balcony.

The celebration continues New Year's Day at Gorrono Ranch, Telluride's mid mountain restaurant with the first annual Coca Cola's Football Town. 150 red Coca cola mini-footballs will be hidden on the mountain. Skiers and riders finding a football bring it to the Coca Cola Football Town Headquarters at Gorrono Ranch and receive a prize!

After the holidays, visitors and locals can look forward to the Telluride Snow Fest January 15-17. Snow Fest is an enjoyable winter carnival for the whole family and features giant snow sculptures, ice capades, a hula moon snowshoe race, a heat miser party and more. Telluride Ski Resort's Bands on the Beach Music Series kicks off Snow Fest weekend of with the tunes of Jack Johnson sounding Donovan Frankenreiter at Gorrono Ranch from 1-4 p.m.

Skiers and Riders dreaming of a white Christmas can enjoy the fabulous snow conditions & full calendar of events in Telluride this year. November brought record snowfall and amazing Thanksgiving Day skiing, while December brings good cheer, Santa and holiday spirits to the San Juan Mountains in Telluride. There is availability on flights into Telluride and Montrose before Dec. 26 so come one and come all for the holidays. For more information about events contact Telluride and Mountain Village CVB at 970-728-3041.



LOCAL Governments Support A third party EVALUATION
OF Telluride’s current destination marketing efforts


Telluride, CO (December 10, 2004) – The three locals governments, San Miguel County, the town of Mountain Village, and the town of Telluride, collectively support the hiring of an outside consultant to evaluate Telluride’s current destination marketing efforts and a possible restructuring of the Telluride and Mountain Village Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (TMCVB). 

Currently the summer and winter marketing campaigns are split between the TMCVB and Telski. “If our community is truly behind building a year-round destination marketing organization, then we need to come up with a sustainable business model. An outside consultant will give us a more objective viewpoint, ” said Davis Fansler, Mountain Village Mayor.

In this study, the governments would like to address several issues including analyzing the current TMCVB board, staff and funding structures; learning how other visitor centers, boards, and bureaus function throughout the country; developing a blueprint for a year-round destination marketing print and web strategy; and lastly, understanding what makes Telluride unique from other destination resorts.

All three governments are enthusiastic about working together to make Telluride a viable, year round destination. “What a fabulous opportunity for our three governments to work together towards the mutual goal of sustainability,” said John Pryor, Telluride Mayor.

The governments plan to hire the consultant in the first quarter of 2005 and will have the recommendations back by the second quarter. The results will be shared with the community in a public forum.


About Mountain Village

The town of Mountain Village, Colorado, at an elevation of 9500 feet, is home to the Telluride Ski Resort and the Telluride Conference Center.  The Mountain Village sits high above the historic town of Telluride and encompasses approximately 2,100 acres of rolling aspen and spruce covered mountainside. Connected to the town of Telluride by a FREE gondola transportation system, Mountain Village tempts guests with the best of everything in the Telluride region including the Golden Door Spa, outdoor activities, fine dining, and a variety of lodging properties and retail establishments.


Dear Editor, November 30, 2004

The Telluride Nordic Association would like to thank everyone who helped make the Nordic Swap a success.  Thank you to the Wilkinson Library for use of the Program Room which made it convenient for the shoppers and is much warmer than the Warming Hut in Town Park ! A big thanks to J. Michael Brown of Paragon Sports and Terry Hersher of the Mountaineer for making great Nordic gear available at remarkably low prices.  Thank you to everyone who either bought or sold equipment. It is wonderful to keep the equipment circulating. 

Nordic Center Director, Midnite Scholtes, and Bill Wells, local Nordic guru, joined the Telluride Nordic Association’s Board of Directors during the swap to help people connect with the proper gear.   Thank you for your valuable time and expertise!

The time is ripe to use your “new” equipment. Trails are groomed! Town Park and the railroad grade are in fabulous shape. Trails at Matterhorn and Faraway will be up and running today. 

If you are interested in joining the TNA, please come to our annual meeting, Friday, December 10th, 5:00-6:30, at the home of Thalia Pryor, 518 W. Galena or call the Nordic Center at 728-1144.

Keep on Track,

Lois Major

TNA Board Member




Community meeting Aug. 19 celebrates philanthropy and citizen of the year


TELLURIDE, Colo. (August 9, 2004) – After soliciting and receiving nominations and input from the community, the Telluride Foundation has named Lissa Margetts its citizen of the year and will celebrate her work and philanthropy in general at its August 19 Community Meeting in Town Park.


“In our second year naming a citizen of the year we again received many great nominations from the local community,” commented Ron Allred, co-chairman of the Telluride Foundation. “As before, it was a very hard decision. Lissa has been active in the community for years – in ways that go well beyond her day to day work at the Rocky Mountain Ark – and certainly is a great choice.”


The citizen of the year award recognizes someone who has unselfishly contributed to the Telluride regional community’s quality of life, and Margetts was chosen from a wide range of nominees submitted to the Foundation by individuals throughout the area. Terry Tice was the 2003 citizen of the year.

            A Telluride native, Margetts has been caring for animals since childhood when, as the daughter of the town’s only doctor, Dr. Gardiner Pier, and a very patient mother, she was frequently called upon to help nurse sick pets back to health (the town had no veterinarian). In 1977 she became licensed and officially founded the Rocky Mountain Ark, an internationally recognized organization dedicated to giving orphaned and injured animals a chance to heal, grow and be free again. In cases where rehabilitation and release are not possible, the Ark becomes a refuge and home for life, and the rescued animals become ambassadors in educational programs. Since the Ark began over 100,000 children have been educated and well over 2,000 animals have been rehabilitated and released.

“I believe our greatest impact – our most long-term achievement – is through the education programs,” commented Margetts. “The need, the desire, is out there and we’re incredibly fortunate to have an amazing variety of native species to work with.”


For the last seventeen years, the Rocky Mountain Ark has been located on 14 acres at the base of Mount Wilson. Every season hundreds of injured and orphaned local animals are taken in by Margetts and cared for, with the ultimate goal being to release them back into the wild. Over the years Margetts has created facilities at the Ark that include a treatment and medical room, a raptor aviary, indoor and outdoor enclosures, a river otter pond, and a full 1½-acre predator enclosure. Currently, the Ark has over 73 different species of both domestic and wild animals under its care.


In addition to the day to day work of running the Ark – caring for the animals, maintaining hundreds of licenses, both state and federal, and coordinating educational field trips to the Ark – Margetts lectures at schools across the state and works four days a week at the ski area in the winter season, bringing in native, non-releasable ambassador species to teach students about the importance of biodiversity and habitat protection and helping to coordinate the ski area’s environmental education programs. 


Margetts also serves as a volunteer and advisor for the American River Otter Alliance, the Division of Wildlife, and the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council. Additionally she supplies on-site externships for 4th-year veterinary students and offers programs for the Telluride Academy, inner city and at-risk youths, Native Americans children and physically and mentally challenged youngsters.


As citizen of the year Margetts will receive a commemorative plaque at the Foundation’s Community Meeting Thursday, August 19 and a grant of $5,000 to be given in her name to the local nonprofit of her choice. Her name will also be listed on a plaque for display at the Foundation office and be recognized in an announcement in local newspapers.


The Telluride Foundation’s citizen of the year committee consists of Allred, Josh Sale, Joan May and Dick Rodgers.


The Telluride Foundation’s Community Meeting runs from 5:15-6:15 p.m. under the tent in Town Park Thursday, August 19. In addition to presentation of Margetts as citizen of the year, the meeting features a keynote address from Eugene Linden, and will touch briefly on Foundation news and events. Linden is a nationally acclaimed writer and will speak on “The Environment, Animal Intelligence, and Politics”. Linden is the environmental writer for Time magazine. His recent books include The Parrot’s Lament and The Octopus and the Orangutan.

The meeting’s keynote address is a joint production of the Telluride Foundation and the Out Loud Lecture Series.

The Telluride Foundation is committed to preserving and enriching the quality of life of the residents, workforce and visitors of the Telluride Region. The Foundation does this by working directly with donors to help fulfill their charitable interests and by providing grants, technical assistance and educational workshops to the region’s charitable organizations, a group of over 60 local non-profits including the Ah Haa School for the Arts, Telluride Adaptive Sports Program, One-to-One, Horizon Program and the Telluride Emergency Medical Services. In addition, the Telluride Foundation seeks to address emerging community needs by creating new initiatives such as the Bright Futures Child Care Fund and the Good Neighbor Fund, an emergency assistance fund for local families in financial crisis.


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