Festivals in Telluride, Colorado

Telluride Brews and Blues Festival Welcome to the Telluride Blues & Brews Festival, held every September in Telluride, Colorado. The festival features three days of world-renowned musicians performing live on the famous Telluride Town Park stage, late night jams in the local juke joints, 50 choice microbreweries serving up their handcrafted "cream of the barrel" during Saturday's Grand Tasting, the Rainbow Kids area, free Acoustic Artist Series, Blues For Breakfast, and the Telluride Acoustic Blues Camp. It's lots of blues, barrels of brews, and mountains of bliss.  And you'll experience it all within the unmatched culture and wilderness of Telluride, Colorado.

Mountain Film is an annual festival hosted on Memorial Day weekend in the high-mountain town of Telluride, Colorado. The core events include the Moving Mountains Symposium and three full days of film, gallery exhibits, concerts, lectures, and round-table discussions. The event covers a diverse selection of outdoor, adventure, sport, wildlife, environmental, and cultural topics. We bring filmmakers, renowned scholars, environmentalists, and artists from around the world to MOUNTAINFILM, where cultures mesh, reunions happen, and knowledge is shared. As the preeminent American outdoor film festival, many artists, writers, and cinematographers premier their work at MOUNTAINFILM, and others attend for inspiration and ideas for future work. Book Hotel Here

Telluride Bluegrass Festival

With 30 years under our belt (and yours) we are more enthusiastic than ever about the future of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. In a time when our country, indeed our world needs the unifying force of music to step in and clarify, we at Planet Bluegrass are working once again to make that a reality you can depend on. The 31st annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival, on the weekend of the summer solstice, will be worth the cold, dark months of winter. Without disclosing details, we can safely promise four days of outstanding music, inspiring friendships and astonishing scenery. For those of you who missed the festival this summer, and for those new to Planet Bluegrass, we hope you will stay posted to this site and spread the word. Book Hotel Here

Telluride Jazz Festival  Since 1977 Telluride’s majestic perch - high in the spectacular San Juan mountain range in southwest Colorado - has been the site of a musical odyssey combining the finest of nature and art. Each year the Telluride Jazz Society produces one of the most memorable festivals in the country if not the world. Its intimate format and opportunities for pleasure beyond the superb music - hiking, mountain jeep tours, visits to mining ghost towns, biking and more - bring an audience of up to 3,000 per day to this historic, one-of-a-kind Victorian town seen by most Americans only in TV commercials and snowboard ads. Combining both outdoor stages during the day with theater and club shows running all night long, this festival is not to be missed. The Telluride Jazz Celebration is the perfect family getaway.
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Telluride Chamber Music -After a fabulous celebration of our thirty years with Chamber Music in Telluride, we begin our 31st season this summer. Preliminary plans call for a Russian theme to our concerts with a possible surprise appearance by a musical great! 
Our Artistic Directors, Roy Malan and Robin Sutherland, are planning another great festival for our enjoyment. Roy is Concert Master with the San Francisco Ballet and Robin is Principal Pianist for the San Francisco Symphony. More information on the final concert program will be forthcoming soon, so keep checking our website. Book Hotel Here

Telluride Tech Festival The Telluride Technology Festival is a Celebration of the Past, Present and Future of Technology. The Tech Fest is based on the historical fact that in 1891, Nikola Tesla, George Westinghouse and Telluride's own L.L. Nunn built the world's first commercial grade AC power plant in Telluride. The intimate mountain environment of Telluride, Colorado continues to be an ideal environment for discussion and reflection.
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Telluride Mushroom Festival Everything you want to know about shrooms-and more. That's what you'll find at the Telluride Mushroom Festival.  Set in the unbelievably beautiful San Juan Mountain Range of southwestern Colorado, the Festival includes daily forays into the nearby woods. Here, you'll generally find not only the world's best gourmet mushrooms-like porcini, chanterelle, lobster, matsutake, and many more-but also a spectacular array of poisonous and inedible species for study. Sandwiched around the mushroom forays are lectures and workshops about edible, medicinal, poisonous, and psychoactive mushrooms. Topics include mushroom identification, cultivation, cooking, nutrition, medicine, journeying, and more.
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Independent Film Fest While the Telluride Film Festival is the best of its kind in the world, it is *not* an independent film festival. As well - it requires 'premieres' of selected films. Telluride IndieFest showcases the best *independent* films and screenplays in the world and does not require films to 'premiere' at its event.  What This Means to the *Independent* Artist: There will be an even *larger* audience - and more Hollywood 'industry professionals' present.  Telluride IndieFest:  Dedicated to the spirit and advancement of independent filmmaking and screenwriting worldwide!
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Telluride Film Festival Each Labor Day weekend, the tiny mountain village of Telluride, Colorado
triples in size. Swells of passionate film enthusiasts flood the town for four days of total cinematic immersion, embarking on a viewing odyssey, blissfully spending entire days in flickering dark rooms. With only an appreciation of celluloid to guide them, these devotees flock to the show, year after year. Why? Blind faith. We don’t reveal the program until everyone lands in town. Yet the Telluride family trusts that a unique experience will unfold.
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The Telluride Film Festival is not just a picture show. It is tributes to luminaries who’ve pushed the medium forward; it is discussions with a film’s creator or the historian who champions it; it is running into filmmaker guests and sharing your thoughts; it is engaging in lively debate with a fellow passholder on the street or in line. Our audiences were the first in the world to partake of MY DINNER WITH ANDRE, to visit TWIN PEAKS, to witness THE CIVIL WAR and to learn the secret of THE CRYING GAME. We resurrected the silent epic NAPOLEON, and highlighted the genius of animator Chuck Jones. Book Hotel Here

We take great pains to remain not a competition, but a celebration of the best in film -- past, present and future -- from all around the world. One weekend immersed in an unabashed carnival of film: viewing, breathing, eating, and talking cinema. Or, as we like to call it: The Show. Book Hotel Here

Wild West Fest A week long celebration of Western arts, culture and customs, the Sheridan Arts Foundation?s (SAF) Wild West Fest (WWF) celebrated its eleventh year in 2002! Each summer, the SAF brings local and national performers and events to Telluride, Colorado, as a week-long benefit for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.
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The Wild West Fest rewards inner-city, disadvantaged and Native American youth from across the country by bringing them to Telluride for a week of cultural and educational activities. Working with caring, nurturing mentors in non-competitive Mentorship Programs in WWF C.A.M.P. (Chip Allen Mentorship Program), the youth learn through hands-on activities, gain new skills, and make new friendships. Out diverse selection of Mentorship Programs includes Drama, Flyfishing, Golf, Horsemanship, Native American Dance and Trick Roping.
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Telluride Arts Festival

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